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Copywriter & Content Strategist

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I take a journalistic approach to content marketing. I'm a copywriting, SEO-optimizing, brand-storytelling machine. I hook readers from the start. Get to know me.

How I Work

Give me an inch of content, and I will take it a mile. I find ways to leverage a story, an insight, or a piece of data into integrated and strategic marketing campaigns. 

My Ethos

From multifamily storage solutions to fine jewelry to payment processing software, there's always a story to tell. 

My Articles

Look Closely - Inside TACORI's Gemology Department

The closer you look at something, the more you notice. In our California Design Studios, our intensely specialized artisans can spot the most diminutive nuances; a full room of setters peer through 10x microscopes to ensure even spacing between prongs, down to the nanometer. Our quality control team casts a deliberate 42 point quality review on each piece. The entire TACORI team - from the designers to the artisans - knows the value of looking closely.

This is exceptionally true of Ketan, who a

CAD Lab: Where Art Meets Innovation

One of the most under-appreciated merits of technology is its ability to transform the way we create art. Yes, while some jewelers lean on machines to automate production and churn out identical pieces that lack soul and the human touch, at TACORI we use technology to take our art to the next level.

In our California Design Studios, creation is driven by a passion for the craft and a love for the process of design, which brings cutting-edge technology and slow hand-craftsmanship together in a b

Grad to Pro: Your Guide to Thriving in the Corporate World

Transitioning from college to career? Explore essential young professional advice for thriving in the corporate world. From professional etiquette to work-life balance, discover how Knack makes this significant shift seamless and stylish.

If you’re transitioning from campus to cubicle, this leap into the next chapter promises personal growth as you adapt to a new mindset, responsibilities, and daily routines. And while you’re probably familiar with the idea of the corporate world - and perhaps

These Green Companies Could Make You Rich

Money may be the root of all evil, but it also makes our modern world go round. And while we’d like to vote with our dollars, the stock market is overrun with greedy, environmentally-draining corporations that make half-a$$ attempts to greenwash their actual motivations.

But there are a few guys on Wall Street that might actually be making the world a better place. If you’re going to play the market, consider investing in the following better companies that are capitalizing on earth-friendly in

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